Who-What-How are AwesomeSouthAfricans?

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Qualifying Criterio:

  • This Person or Group inspires ‘Awe‘ in actions
  • Is South African
  • One or both of the following
    • Breaks the mould of ORDINARY
    • Puts the needs of others above their own on a daily / weekly base
  • Is active, in other words is currently generating newsworthy items
  • Has faced adversity / challenges and conquered (busy conquering) them.
    (These can be self imposed or because of factors beyond their own control)
  • Has or is busy performing a physical act of AWE or Endurance with an attached cause

As South African’s we are all amazing,
but some of us are Awesome:

Awesome South Africans was created to highlight, acknowledge and celebrate the Awesome things some South Africans are doing.

It is all about positivity, conquering adversity (self imposed or other) and generally a combination of inspirational stories tell people that anybody can achieve anything if they really want to.

Based on a Website, Social Media Platforms, Radio Talks, School visits and (upcoming) Road Show, content includes (amongst others):

  • Human powered world circumnavigation
  • Cape Town to Rugby World Cup via bicycle
  • Hong Kong to Singapore: Buy-no-Rhino
  • Around Africa & next year Dakar 2016 on a motorbike (female)
  • Trans Africa and Trans America records
  • Prosthetic limb long distance walking
  • Trans Atlantic on Row Boats and a SUP (Stand up Paddle Board – yes you heard correctly)

and all by South Africans.

If any of this intrigues you in the least, please contact me (info@awesomesouthafricans.co.za)


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