Wayne Bolton

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Wayne Bolton

Wayne says: We have “ONE LAND – LOVE IT” – 1 cyclist, 6000 km’s, 19 SANParks Reserves.

Wayne will be physically and symbolically linking the various parks around our country.  In so doing, he will be pointing to the fact that we form part of the chain with SANParks to protect our natural heritage.


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Wayne will be cycling to the entrance of each South African National Park. Along the way he will be drawing attention to the important role each of us plays in protecting our natural heritage.

The expedition will start on the 28 November 2015 at the Pafuri Gate, Kruger and end on approximately 11 February 2016 in Addo Elephant National Park.

Route Map July 2015 with names

Wayne will be cycling unsupported although will have a team in attendance at set points along the route for assistance with the logistical aspects of the expedition, in particular the media and awareness programme.


  • SANParks – South African National Parks

img4490-copyWayne is an ordinary South African who has also had the privilege of living in Zambia and Zimbabwe. He loves nature and wants his children and grandchildren to experience the completeness of being a part of nature. He wants them to also take responsibility for the gift of our natural heritage which man has dominion over.

Wayne is a family man, married to a wonderful woman, Nikki, who is also an Honorary Ranger. They have been blessed with two fantastic children Daniel and Laura. Both love being in the bush and as soon as Laura was old enough she joined the SANParks Honorary Rangers and is an active member.

Wayne is of average athletic ability but makes up for this with his healthy dose of determination and an adventurous spirit. He has previously completed 6 Duzi Canoe Marathons, the Comrades Marathon, Fish River Canoe Marathon, Argus Cycle Tour and various marathons both running and canoeing.

He is a qualified FGASA Level 1 Field Guide for the Kruger and Addo areas.

Simply, he wants to leave the world knowing that his generation has made a positive contribution, that our natural condition is not worse off for us having been here but that we have done all that we can to improve it and have a plan going forward to protect it.
Wayne believes in the people of South Africa. He believes that through all the adversity, we are a tough people who can prevail – not only by conserving our environment but by selflessly working together to better our economy, health, education and value system.


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