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#Joburg2Kili Expedition for #Qhubeka


Representing married men all over South Africa, I say thank you (sarcastically) to Warrick for raising the bar so high on wedding anniversaries.

On the 15th of October 2016, Warrick & Camilla will be celebrating their 5th anniversary on top of Mt Kilimanjaro. Just one small catch – they are cycling there first from Joburg!!!!



Follow the #Joburg2Kili Expedition on http://joburg2kili.com/ as Warrick, Camilla and Gareth cycle Qhubeka Buffalo bikes 4630km from Johannesburg to Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for #Qhubeka

worksSetting off on July 30th, the trio plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro once they reach Moshi in Tanzania. The goal is to raise R100 000 for the Qhubeka charity, which delivers specially designed, locally assembled bicycles to people in need.

Teampicweb-768x513“Our route takes us from Johannesburg Northwards into Botswana where we will travel up the Eastern side of the country and cross into Zambia at Kasane border.

We’ll cycle to Livingstone at Victoria Falls and have a few days of recovery and to replenish our supplies before carrying on towards Lusaka and Eastwards into Malawi.

The capital of Malawi, Lilongwe, will be another multi-day stop to replenish before we ride up the Western side of Lake Malawi and cross into Tanzania.

Once in Tanzania we’ll head straight up the center of the country up to Arusha and finally Moshi where we’ll exchange our cycling shoes for hiking boots and begin our summit attempt of Mount Kilimanjaro.”

qhubekaStudents, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs in rural Africa transport heavy loads long distances over rugged terrain to meet basic livelihood needs.

Compared to walking, bicycles allow them to haul more goods over longer distances in less time – provided the bicycle is strong and durable.



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