The Proteas are Awesome South Africans

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The ETHOS of AwesomeSouthAfricans is to promote positivity & recognise it when we see it.

I am standing on my soapbox today, fully aware that I am going to evoke controversy, but I do so willingly as I am firm in my belief that our boys in Green and Yellow are Awesome South Africans.

Referring to the ‘title’ that our team has been branded in past years (I will not mention it out of respect for our boys), anybody that has the gall to call them that name now after the last few weeks, I challenge you then to try out for selections for the team. Once you have earned your place on the team and have walked the path they have, then I guess you have earned the right to say what you want.

But here today, right now – I want to use this medium to express our gratitude to the boys for the valiant effort they put forward. Semi Final is a monumental achievement.

Some people pick and choose when they want to support a team
depending on how they are doing.
We at Awesome South Africans supported – do support – will always support the Proteas.

 Proud of you boys. Come on home with your heads held up high!

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