The Coldest Triangle

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The Coldest Triangle – written – sorry – (to be) cycled by De Bruyn Joubert from Around 7 Continents.


Normal people are happy cycling the Cape Town Cycle Tour as a bucket list item. DeBruyn is not normal.

Read below and visit his page for more pics and full story of his intended 2000km unsupported expedition into the Artic Circle that he is calling the COLDEST TRIANGLE

Visit his website on this page to see the full story:



In January 2017, I will embark on a new adventure. Although it’s not part of Around 7 Continents, its one that will push me to new personal limits and in the end… to make Around 7 Continents a success and complete what I set out to do back in 2013. The adventure is already over halfway, as I already successfully crossed Australia, Europe, Asia and North America.

I have planned an Antarctic preparation leg (Extreme Winter Expedition) for almost two years now and in January, one of my biggest dreams will become a reality, as I will cycle into the Arctic Circle, in the middle of winter.

I’ll head back to Siberia, where I will attempt three expeditions (combined into one attempt) nobody has undertaken before.

The Expedition will take place over a period of three months, through some of the coldest areas in the world and in the middle of winter. Temperatures will plummet down to -55°C (-67°F), with feel temperatures down to -70°C (94-°F).

The 2000km Expedition will be in the heart of Siberia, where I will be heading north, deep into the Arctic Circle, turn around and start making the return journey. The route has never been cycled, traversed on foot or attempted solo and completely unsupported.

I will head out on this Expedition solo, completely unassisted and unsupported. Some of the biggest risks of the expedition will be the extreme cold weather, shortage of Vitamin D (because to the lack of sunlight), wolves and the remote Siberian wilderness.

I will be camping along the planned route and eat food that I will pull behind the Fatback Fatbike on a sled, trying to maintain an 8000 calorie diet.


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