Tequila & 3000km with Alan The Pilgrimist

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Tequila – a 4 year old PitBull is going to walk 3000km from Kosi Bay to Alexander Bay (the entire coastline of South Africa) and to keep her company, she is taking Alan Menteath (The Pilgrimst) with for company

NOTE: 2 weeks into their walk, Alan was forced to stop due to a busted knee. This was a disheartening time for Alan as he had spent months preparing for this expedition. But I have stated publically before and I will again now – watch this space – Just because Alan can’t walk, it does not mean his pilgrimage is over…………the end of this story has not been written yet



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Many years ago I had mulled over an idea as a substitute for a journey – walking the coast of this country, South Africa a land that I was born in and have always loved. I shelved it as a dream because I had commitments and children still attending school, it was shelved but never forgotten, until an incident ignited it like a fireball. I sat next to a very precious friend and brother-in-law, Dave Chase, who was in the final throes of surrendering his life to a virulent brain tumour.

It was this moment, where for the first time in my life, I realized that we have a limited time here on this planet and it goes extremely fast – gaining momentum as we age. I always knew this but only from philosophical level, and nothing what I experienced on that day. The day he died I announced my intentions to my family.

I will be dedicating this walk to everyone who has been subjected to the horrendous disease of cancer, whether victims, survivors or loved ones who remain to mourn the tragic void it leaves. The indelible memories of suffering, pain and hopelessness that family and friends have to endure and witness.

The coastline of South Africa has officially been measured at 2798km but two young men in their twenties completed this odyssey in the last four years, one of these travellers measured his total distance at 3400km, using satellite tracking technology.The duration of the walk is unknown, but I estimate it to be 10 or 11 months and this based on the only reference that I have of people who done this before, Erlo Brown and Grant Christie.

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