Team No Breaks

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Team No Breaks

UP 14 000 metres: ‘Team No Breaks’ is going to run 14 000 metres (in elevation) over 14 days for 14 year old Alex Boettger with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy. Team No Breaks consists of Andrea Nettel and Lee-Ann Dawson (and any body else that wants to join)
(This is almost 2 times up Mount Everest in 2 weeks – Awesome Feat)



The name Team No breaks has multiple meanings but came around from a statement made: No more broken bones this year – No Breaks

14 Days: Starting 28 November 2015 ending 11 December 2015
14000 meters in 14 consecutive days and all ‘runs’ will take place in the Table Mountain and South Peninsula area.

  • Muizenberg
  • Porcupine Ravine
  • Kasteelpoort
  • 12 Apostles
  • Constantia Nek
  • Nursery Ravine
  • Skeleton Gorge
  • Newlands Ravine
  • Devils Peak
  • Table Mountain
  • Lions Head

As there are no exact details on true elevations of all these destinations, Team No Breaks will be tallying their elevation everyday. With the goal of achieving 1000 metres of elevation each day for 14 days. Some days may require extra running than planned if less than 1000 metres are achieved.


Up14The Name “Team No Breaks” was coined about 2 years ago. Initially it was intended as  a ‘Thank You’ from Andrea Nettel to all the amazing people who have assisted her son, Alex Boettger, and with that her family. It was created in order to acknowledge all those who have, over the years, assisted with raising funds and investing their time and energy to Alex’s cause. Over the past two years Team No Breaks has become synonymous for anyone who does amazing things with Alex or for Alex.

Alex Boettger (14) is in need of funds in order to pay for his high school fees. He is permanently in an electric wheelchair due to Congenital Muscular Dystrophy.  This year we are hoping to raise double his school fee money i.e. a total of R 64000 in order to also donate to organisations who are working towards making INCLUSIVE EDUCATION a reality in South Africa.

This year Team “NO Breaks” is made up of Andrea Nettel and Lee-Ann Dawson (friends for 18 years) and those who feel able to join them.

From 28th Nov – 11th Dec. 2015  they are going UP 14000 meters in 14 consecutive days. All ‘runs’ will take place in the Table Mountain and South Peninsula area.

Andrea Nettel is 46 year old single mum of two boys, Dylan (18) and Alex (14). After her marriage fell apart she decided to study and graduated as a Professional Counsellor at  Age 44. Just recently she was retrenched from her job and had no option but to start her own business in order to support her family…. so far so good. Glory to God for that!

Lee-Ann Dawson is 45, married and mother of 2 boys, Ashton (18) and Bryn (14). Lee-Ann has walked the past 18 years with Andrea and has been part of Alex life too. Lee-Ann is a sports trainer and coach and is involved in uplifting the community through sport and movement.

“We are hoping to break the stereotype around disability. i.e. Not everyone in a wheelchair is paralyzed. Disability is NOT always visible. Disability does not equal limited possibilities. We would like people to talk about disability without taboo, shame or pity. Ask questions and feel comfortable in the presence of disability.
Raise funds to assist with inclusive education. To fund school fees for Alex Boettger and infrastructure in schools – the dream is to hopefully one day provide bursaries, facilitators and equipment”

How did we get here?

12106964_10153810224855864_8772610413312130840_nIt all started four years ago when I was running in the mountains with friends, Mark and Lynne Tolsma, and expressing my wish to share the beauty of the Cape Peninsula Fynbos with my (disabled) son, Alex Boettger. Mark’s comment was why don’t you…. Well and so I did. I took my determination to not allow Alex disability to prevent him from experiencing things – to another level.

Since then we have done the following together:

  • 2 x Milkwood half Marathon, (21 km) – Andrea & Alex
  • 1 x Peninsula Marathon (42.2 km) – Andrea & Alex
  • 1 x Two oceans Ultra marathon (56 km) – Andrea & Alex
  • And last year we did the Satori Camel run  (16 km through extreme terrain.) – Lee-Ann, Teri, Andrea & Alex

We were doing these events mainly for ourselves and to allow Alex the experience of it. But we also made use of them to raise funds to provide adequately for Alex’s needs.

We have come to realise that it is very unusual, despite the legislation in SA, for children living with disabilities to be accepted at main stream schools. And if they are accepted they are expected to make do as best as they can. Often due to lack of funding and often due to the lack of understanding of the environment.

This year I felt driven to expand our fundraising to other families with similar challenges. I would like my experiences and our efforts to benefit other kids who are struggling to get a good education because of their disability.

Lee-Ann, came up with the idea to highlight the challenges of families with disabilities by challenging ourselves and UP 14k’s in 14 days was born. (14 – because Alex turned 14this year)


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