Siberia & Mongolia Winter Expedition

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As the days get shorter and the winter creep closer, I’m slowly heading north towards some of the coldest and most hostile winter locations in the world, Siberia and Mongolia!

I’ve been on the road, taking on this huge Around 7 Continents Adventure, for just over thirteen months now. Its been tuff and challenging through some of the worlds hottest locations and through Europe in the winter in 2013/14. This winter I’ll take a huge step up and take on the biggest challenge yet… Siberia & Mongolia.


During the cycle through these locations in the winter means it will be about daily survival while heading towards China. Temperatures will drop to around -40°C (-40°F) with the chill factor taking these temps even lower.

The Siberia & Mongolia cycle will consist out of 4500km through some of the most hostile environments, no people and almost no roads because of the snow cover and the cold. It is no big untold secret that I’ll be cycling on Antarctica (if you read my adventure name “Around 7 Continents”), so this winter expedition is the first of many training ground towards a even bigger vision, dream and future goal!

People will be able to follow me throughout the winter on Facebook, Website, blog and twitter. Im still looking for companies that whats to climb onboard as sponsors, that people will be able to track my progress live on a daily basis.

The winter Siberia & Mongolia expedition is two steps up from all the previous locations I’ve been cycling through and its going to be epic and extremely exiting! People can look forward to amazing pictures and videos I’ll be taking with my Canon gear. Its the type of expedition where everything freeze solid from the tent, food, water, gear… well basically everything in -40°C (-40°F).

I’ll be carrying about 40kg extra weight on the bicycle and I will have to make plans on the road to pull this weight behind me, so its going to be exiting to follow my progress!

For more info on sponsorships and media relations, please contact me at:

Cheers for now…
De Bruyn Joubert

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