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Ron Rutland: Fat Kid on a Bike

Lettie’s Ride is “a proud South African’s 27 month, 43 000km bicycle expedition through every country on mainland Africa, and onto the 2015 Rugby World Cup in London.
 Ron Rutland, said explorer and self-dubbed Fat Kid on a Bike, set off on the start of his journey on Sunday, 30 June 2013 from Cape Town’s Green Point Stadium. Ron plans to travel solo and unassisted from South Africa to England over the next 27 months on his bicycle.His route is planned to pass through every single African country over the next 27 months.Ron will cycle the remaining portion through the Middle East and across Europe to finish in time for the Opening Ceremony of the 2015 Rugby World Cup in England to support his beloved Springbok team.

Why “Lettie’s” Ride?

On the 15th April 2013 an email from Zoog Haynes changed everything – it started quite simply;

“Hulo People of the Planet,

I sent out a very similar mail last year and honestly never thought I would be following it up with an updated 2013 version. The long and the short of it is that Nix and I received really sh1t news today. Nix has had a relapse of the cancer (f#ckcancer) but this time its way more angry than before.”

And ended;

“but if you do anything with this incredibly shit news then turn the heartache into positive meaningful action – tell someone how much you love them, appreciate your health, vitality & mobility, get up and make a difference,  respect anothers opinion, have the courage to resolve a difference, be kind…”

Nix “Lettie” Haynes and her ‘one-of-a-kind’ (in a really good way!) husband have become great friends over the last few years, and all of us who know the Haynes’s have been inspired and humbled at their attitude, courage and spirit as Nix fought and beat cancer over the last year or so – we’ve celebrated this fight and victory, and health, mobility and vitality in general, in the spirit of the Mamu Loman Federation through various crazy fun adventures such as the #BoobRun, #LettiesRun, and #ValleyRun etc.

Now as Nix and the whole Hayne’s family start the hard fight again, we’ve already seen the incredible best of human nature and just how much Lettie means to so many people at the #LettieFest, numerous spontaneous #Redsock #Pinksock #Pinkfrock #PinkHair displays of support, and through the Zoog initiated #PinkMile at the upcoming Comrades marathon – so it’s in this spirit of solidarity that ‘The Fat Kid on a Bike’ expedition will now be affectionately known as #LettiesRide, and even more importantly I am delighted, privileged and humbled that Nix accepted the invitation below to accept the ‘position’ of lead ambassador of my little African cycle expedition.

I can’t wait to see which legs of the trip Nix and Zoog are going to join me on!

“Dear Lettie (the Champion)

I’m desperately sorry that I’m not at Lettie’s Fest physically today, but boy am I there in spirit (and I mean that) – I’ll be at the top of Table Mountain this morning as you read this in all my ‘not quite naked’ pinkness doing my best to send positive vibes across our great country to you there on the KZN south coast!

As you know, I’ve been planning my little cycle journey recently, and this dream is only happening because of the self confidence physically and the ‘courage’ mentally I have gained relatively late in life to believe that I am physically capable of an adventure of this nature, and more importantly ‘brave’ enough to live a life true to myself. This change has been in no small part a result of the people I have been lucky enough to surround myself with on my return to South Africa, and in particular the amazing humans of the Mamu Loman Federation. Literally it’s been life changing.

I put the words ‘brave’ and ‘courage’ in these ‘ ‘ funny little grammar marks I forget the name of as I type, because using these words outside of the context of how you have defined them seems almost irrelevant. You are the bravest and most courageous person I know. Period. In the dictionary under ‘spirit’ there should be a picture of Lettie.

Your husband asked us to “turn the heartache into positive meaningful action – tell someone how much you love them, appreciate your health, vitality & mobility, get up and make a difference, respect anothers opinion, have the courage to resolve a difference, be kind…” That’s a lot to take in at once!! But as of today, my “Fat kid on a bike” cycle will be known as #LettiesRide, and my bike renamed Lettie, so that every day I put my leg over and straddle Lettie I’ll be reminded of the privilege of health, vitality & mobility. When times get tough out there, I’ll have your courage to inspire me and put my challenges back into perspective, and when the going’s good, I’ll try my damnedest to put on a smile as big as yours.

Lettie, I’d like to use this opportunity to humbly ask whether you’d be prepared to be an ambassador of The Fat Kid On A Bike’s #LettiesRide? I’ve been lucky enough to gain the support of a few other prominent South Africans, but I’ve been looking for someone to fulfill the role of number 1 lead ambassador, and I’d privileged if you’d consider accepting the position?

The Mamu Loman Federation are already proudly acknowledged on my website (with or without Zoog’s permission!), but I’ve saved the bike for Lettie!

Have an amazing day friend, and let me know your thoughts once the dust has settled! All the positive vibes in the world,

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