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Paul’s wife and daughter have been diagnosed with breast cancer. His wife passed away, but his daughter is doing very well because of good treatment and an earlier detection. Because of these, Paul has dedicated his life to raising funds for Cancer research. He does so by walking long distances – bare foot.


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Paul is UK born, but lives and has residency in South Africa.

  • Lands End in Southwestern England to John o’Groats in Northeasten Scotland unaided. It’s going to be a toughie, but I believe I can do it. The first step of the 1000 mile + journey, 1st May 2016 – wish me luck!
  • Breast Cancer has occurred twice in my immediate family. My daughter having had an earlier detection than my wife’s, is doing very well!  It’s this that convinced me to attempt this GUINNESS WORLD RECORD (1750km) and to spread this message; ‘early detection through regular self checks saves lives’.
  • Today there are cancer survivors everywhere!  The numbers could be even higher with Simple self checks!
  • This will be my second barefoot walk for cancer. The previous one was across South Africa for in 2014. 1700km
  • We as ordinary people can’t find a cure for cancer, but there are scientists that possibly could – and they need our help to do it!
  • My walk  is entirely unsupported. In order to lessen the weight on my feet I’ll be pulling a small cart (rickshaw style), loaded with my camping gear and all supplies.
  • For maximum visibility I’ll be doing a roadside walk. Tarmac is very abrasive on human skin, so it’s a fine line between building up a hard enough layer and the rate at which the skin wears away. The roughness of the surface will determine each day’s distance. I hope the weather will be good to me.
  • As with my previous walk, I’ll be posting daily to Facebook, telling of the days experiences, with photos and comments from the people I meet along the way, many of them will be cancer survivors! If you would be interested you can follow my journey on Facebook/Paul Ucheck.
  • Join me for a stretch. If you want to get in the spirit of things walk a short way with me, shod or barefoot.
  • A 100% of all donations will go directly to CANCER RESEARCH UK.                                                                                                        
  • I will be very frugally financing my journey. Any accommodation or other services that could be sponsored along the way would be greatly appreciated and acknowledged . Please have a look at my website

The starting date for this Guinness World Record attempt is  01/05/ 2016. I’ll be posting daily to facebook with comments and photos as I did with the South African walk. I hope the weather is going to be good to me.


Why Cancer Research UK?

Both my wife and daughter have been diagnosed with breast cancer. My wife passed away, but my daughter is doing very well because of good treatment and an earlier detection. The message of ‘early detection through regular checks’ will be one that I’ll carry with me during the walk. 

There are many good charities that help cancer sufferers, but I feel that the ‘Cancer Research UK’, is one of the few institutions in the world, that could actually make a breakthrough, even though they have to rely on publicly generated funding! More government involvement is needed – far beyond the present tax relief that’s offered on donations. What could advance the human species more, than a cure for our diseases!           

Paul’s previous walk:

In December 2014, I completed a 1750km barefoot walk across South Africa from Cape Town to Durban. That was for ‘Cancervive’, a charity organisation run mostly by people who are themselves cancer survivors. They aid and give encouragement to others.

I was lucky enough to get good media coverage; 16 newspapers, five radio interviews and one with a DSTV film crew. It was great because a lot of people knew about the walk and would come over to shake my hand and wish me well.

The walk was mainly on hard metalled roads, apart from a 300km stretch of beach and coastal paths along the Cape’s ‘Wild Coast’; an area with some of the most beautiful and deserted coastline in the world. For most of the walk, I pulled a small two wheeled golf cart to carry all my gear; tent, food, water and clean clothes etc.  The Wild Coast section though was a bit different; there it was necessary to lug all my gear in a backpack, as pulling the cart through the soft beach sand was just too difficult. Sure enough, at times I had a cut or two from sea shells; that was where the tube of super glue I had as part of my foot repair kit came in handy – perfect for closing skin back together. I won’t be allowed it on this Guiness World Record attempt though.

Much of the time, I ‘wild camped’, that is; I camped wherever I could find a good enough spot. It was easy along the endless beaches of the Wild Coast, but on the roads between towns, it often meant pitching my tent at the roadside and being vibrated to sleep by the passing traffic.

Shortly after leaving Cape Town, a lady stopped her car and said a prayer for me; “please Lord, may Paul’s journey be safe and his path lined with angels”.  I know one thing- it worked! I was passed from one good person to the next, as though they were lining up for me! I only met good people along the whole 1750km! Companies and hotels too, stepped in to help out with a donation to Cancervive, or to sponsor a night’s accommodation for me.

I learned a lot of things that I can use on my next walk. There are so many stories to tell, but I’ll limit things to some of the photos I posted on facebook.


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