Not WHAT, but WHY is Dr Venter Awesome

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The question is not what Dr Venter did, but why he did it (and still is going to do more)

Yes, Tertius Venter and Jan Botha cycled 1800 km from Pretoria to Cape Town (arrived 4 April’15 at Sea Point Promenade) and we do not want to take anything away from achieving this in 12 days – but WHY did they do this?


Dr Venter is a plastic surgeon and shut down his private practice in 2006. He has since dedicated his life (and skills set) to making a difference for others as a full time volunteer surgeon for Mercy Ships, Operation Smile and PAACS.


He has already completed a cycling leg in Europe, now has completed his leg in South Africa and in June is going to be cycling a 8000 km leg in the USA to raise awareness and fund raise for the cause he believes so strongly about.


Cycling with Tertius from Pretoria to Cape Town was a friend from school, Jan Botha:

“We used to do long cycle trips together but was the first since our school days that we could cycle together again. It was very Special” – Tertius Venter


Cycle Miles for Smiles:

Donate link here:


A Project to bring Smiles to the Hearts and Faces of the Forgotten Poor, to restore dignity and self-worth.

A Three Leg Cycling tour to raise funds to support Dr Tertius Venter, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, to continue to deliver free surgeries to the world’s poorest working with Mercy Ships International, The Pan African Academy for Christian Surgeons and Operation Smile.

The first leg cycled by Tertius was from Amsterdam to Stuttgart in October 2014, the second leg in South Africa from Pretoria to Cape Town in March/April 2015 and the third in the US from the east to the west coast. This is an ongoing project and an Amsterdam to Cape North, Norway, is in the planning for April/May 2016

Your contribution helps to deliver surgical care globally on 3 levels 1. Surgery to those who cannot afford it but desperately need it to improve daily lives ie schooling and able to work 2. Education & Training of doctors and surgeons in the Developing World 3. Research to improve surgical delivery in unique circumstances of the Developing World

The majority of conditions amenable to surgery globally are mainly one of 7. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery are involved in 3 of the 7 conditions; 1. Burn Contractures 2. Congenital conditions; eg Cleft lip and palate, hand and feet abnormalities 3. Trauma


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