Keegan Longueira arrives in Cape Town

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After 59 days (and a few hours) on the road, Keegan has cycled from Cairo to Cape Town, arriving this afternoon at Quay 6, Waterfront.
The previous record was 71 days so after Guinness World Records validates the data, Keegan could officially have broken this record by more than 10 days.

His odometer shows he has cycled just over 10 500 km since he left Cairo (that is an average of 175 / day for 59 days)

Keegan was accompanied on the last section of today’s leg by the CIPLA crew and his girlfriend Paige. Thanks to the traffic dept for supplying an escort as he came down the N1 into Cape Town.


Waiting at the finish line was his mom who reckons she has aged by 15 years in these last two months. Mrs Longueira also asked that I do not tell Keegan about the other profile on Awesome South Africans such as Angelo, DeBruyn or Ron because she knows this will just plant the next seed in Keegan’s mind. (PS: I did tell him)

Operation Smile, the benefactor and reason for the Cairo to Cape Trek also came out to meet Keegan.

Keegan crossed the line and went around the corner to spend 15 minutes of reflection. Before coming back to join us, Keegan pulled of his shoes and jumped into the water.

Keegan says he worked hard for 59 days, very hard!! But is overwhelmed with joy in that he has crossed the line and finished well. We left him alone and in peace as he spends the afternoon with his family and girlfriend.

From all of us at the Awesome South Africans team, Keegan, we wish to congratulate you on completing your Cairo to Cape Expedition. Legend, inspirational, tough as nails, courage of a lion, agility of a cheetah – you are an Awesome South African. Your achievement will spoken about for a long time. We are proud of you and you make SA proud. Well done Keegan.


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