Jamie Marais summits Table Mountain 22 times

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SOUTH AFRICAN ATHLETE SETS WORLD RECORD – SUMMITS TABLE MOUNTAIN TWENTY TWO TIMES IN 28 HOURS and Awesome South Africans was there to not only witness it but was actively involved in support both logistical and online.

JamieMaraisWorldRecord_22SummitsEndurance athlete Jamie Marais from Cape Town South Africa has made history by becoming the first person to climb the iconic Table Mountain a staggering twenty two times in twenty eight hours, ascending nearly twice the height of Everest and climbing sixteen thousand vertical meters, effectively setting a world record for the greatest number of summits of Table Mountain ever attempted over two days.

This immense challenge was the first of four extreme solo challenges Jamie is taking on to inspire South Africans to believe in themselves and to raise awareness and support for Sabrina Love Foundation, who care for children with special needs.

JamieMaras22Summits_35“I am ecstatically happy with this achievement and could not have done this without the help of the incredible team of support crew who volunteered on the day, and all of our partners and sponsors.”

“I suffered incredibly from the very first summit as I had been experiencing pain in my right ITB and hip flexor.  From the first ascent I was literally limping across the top of Table Mountain to the cable car which shuttled me back down after each summit, and to be honest, I wasn’t even sure I would be able to complete more than five summits based on how extreme my pain was.”

“Waking up on day two, I was absolutely knackered, but up ready to face the mountain again.  On my very first ascent, about fifty meters up the climb, my whole body packed up and I was doubled over on the trail with tears streaming down my face wondering how on earth I was going to keep climbing the mountain over and over for another fourteen hours.”

JamieMaras22Summits_29“To be honest, I wasn’t even sure I would make it to the top of that thirteenth summit.  On summits thirteen and fourteen I moved through a deep, dark tunnel and finally emerged into summit fifteen feeling much better.”

Jamie attributes this achievement – a world first – to his strong faith, excellent support team and his ability to push through pain.

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