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One of the obvious advantages of my work is that I get to meet awesome people of South Africa. Each of them are very different in character and nature and I always wonder minutes before I meet them in person what they are truly like.

Meeting Jamie Marais in person was truly a privilege. Jamie climbed out his bakkie with a smile the size of the Fish River Canyon.

What an awesome guy and I felt immediately comfortable in his presence. Down to earth, smiling and genuine to the core – I immediately knew I was going to enjoy this time with him.


Jamie Marais: Facebook Page

All of us face Giants, but no Giant is too big to face”

  • Twenty four consecutive summits of Table Mountain.
  • A Guinness World Record attempt for greatest vertical height on a bicycle.
  • Paddling the 676 km length of the longest lake in the world on a stand up paddle board.
  • A speed ascent / descent of the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro.

These are the Giants that professional athlete Jamie Marais from Cape Town will be facing in 2016.

“South Africa is currently facing massive challenges,” says Jamie. “Many people have lost hope and depression is currently one of the leading causes of death because people simply cannot cope with the challenges of life and difficult personal circumstances”.!

As a response, Jamie decided to look for four of the biggest physical challenges he could find in South and Central Africa, which he will face using various sporting disciplines. The challenges are extremely tough and most have never been attempted before.


He hopes to inspire people to realise that “no giant is too big to face” as well as raise funds for the Sabrina Love Foundation who care for children with special needs. “I wanted to use my physical ability to help kids with a physical disability, kids who could never do sort of things many of us do without evening thinking on a day to day basis”, says Jamie.



The four extreme challenges Jamie is training for, collectively referred to as the “Four Giants Challenge” take place over a period of approximately 6 to 12 months in iconic but challenging natural settings such as Table Mountain, Du Toits Kloof Pass, Mt.Kilimanjaro and Lake Tanganyika, the longest lake in the world.


(1) Jamie’s first challenge will be to run up Table Mountain 24 times in a row, resulting in approximately 72 kilometres of vertical running and a staggering vertical ascent of over 18 000 meters – twice the height of Everest.

(2) His second challenge will be an official Guinness World Record Attempt for the “Greatest vertical height on a bicycle in 12 hours”. He will achieve this by cycling up and down the 15 kilometre Du Toits Kloof Pass as many times as possible in a 12 hour period.

(3) He will then face the third Giant, Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania, where he faces the immense challenge of crossing the 676 km longest lake in the world on a Stand up Paddle board, becoming the first person in history to ever attempt this. With storm-driven waves of up to 6 meters, large colonies of hippos and some of the largest recorded crocodiles in the world, Lake Tanganyika is an incredibly dangerous place and paddling for 10 to 14 days consecutively on a stand up paddle board is a formidable challenge.

(4) Finally, Jamie will travel to Kenya where he will attempt a speed ascent / descent of the highest mountain in Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro, which he hopes to run up and down in under 10 hours.


For more information, visit Four Giants Challenge on Facebook or his official athlete page, “Jamie Marais Extreme Athlete”.

To donate and show your support visit www.sabrinalove.co.za and select the “Support a Star” option.

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