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BraamPufAdderI have just posted a profile story on Vicky and Vanessa Wiesenmaier as they cycle through Asia to raise awareness on the Rhino Poaching Issue.

Researching them, I came across a story that inspired then to do this epic Awesome adventure. None other than Braam Malherbe and his #DOT campaign – DO ONE THING!!


Below is a copy and paste from Vicky and Vanessa’s website and a video of Braam doing his thing again


A few years ago, spending the day at my parents house, I came across a Puffadder in our garden.  Puffadder’s are responsible for the most snake related deaths in Africa.  Not wanting to kill it I immediately phoned the guy saved as ‘snake catcher’ on my phone, half an hour later the snake was in the sack (watch the vid below). The crazy barefooted man who caught it, was no other than Braam Malherbe, aka wildchild, better known for being an extreme adventurer and conservationist.

His passion for the environment is explosive and infectious. His mission is to spread the message of his DOT campaign.

DOT stands for Do One Thing – a small change for a big difference. He has had a profound impact on our lifes.

His motto “Saving the planet may seem like a daunting task, but if we all start with just one small, environmentally friendly act, we can collectively make a huge difference!”

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