I guess it’s time to start writing

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Keegan arrived in Waterfront on the second of March and after the craziness of adapting to “normality”, Keegan has started putting pen pen to paper or is it fingers to keyboard!


“Home, safe, sound and letting it all sink in. Its been a crazy couple of weeks at home with family sickness, my own illness and just recently the death of a young man I had coached last year.

squareIt was so difficult to blog while I was away, I hardly had a connection anywhere. In the epic race, get up, ride, eat sleep do it all again, sometimes I just didn’t have the energy to pour out my heart to a phone screen.
One thing that really got to me though was the fact that when I got home everybody wanted to hear the story about an aggressive arab holding a knife to my neck. This was the only really story that I shared on the road and to think…its definitely not the best one. So I’m so excited to sit down and finally get the story on paper.
Its going to be a long process and a patient one, in which I will dive deep into my mind and heart and draw out the journey in the best way I know how.
The journey has begun, again!”
Keegan Longueira – 18 March 2015


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