Great White Shark Saved

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“Good example of how Awesome South Africans are – well done to all involved”

The intense footage was captured by Lars Liedberg, 38, who was having breakfast in a beachside restaurant in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, when he saw the drama unfolding on the beach below.

A couple of fishermen, who accidentally caught the great white, are seen here struggling to get the hook out of the baby shark’s mouth.

Liedberg stated that the fishermen seemed more concerned with retrieving the hook than saving the shark. When they finally got it out and helped the shark back into the water, it appeared too exhausted to swim beyond the surf. After a few seconds of not knowing whether the shark would make it out or not, the juvenile mustered up enough energy and swam away.

Great white sharks are a protected species in South Africa, meaning that fishing the animal is illegal.

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