“Everesting” Malanshoogte, Cape Town: Elev. 8848m

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“Pick a hill, any hill and ride it as many times as it takes to get to the total ascent equivalent of Mount Everest.”

Attie Conradie and Cor Winckler did just that on the weekend of 20 June 2015 at Malanshoogte ( 30 km outside Cape Town) They set out at 3am on 20 June and finished their 64th repetition at 1:40 am the following morning.

22 hours – 32o km – and an elevation of more of than 8848 metres – They did it

“It was an exceedingly long day, with 64(and a bit) repetitions of Malanshoogte, from the FAIR CAPE gate up to the top. The segment is 2.5km, and both our garmins measured the elevation from the river to the top as 115m and from the river to the gate as 30m. 64 of those would be 9280m climb, working conservatively on 140m, we are still one ‘loop’ over the requisite 8848m, at 8960. We think the actual elevation we did was over 9200… either way we are happy that we have exceeded Mount Everest!


People have asked me what i feel like… I cant quite decide whether I want to laugh, cry, or sleep… Emotions are totally mixed right now. When we were done there was a little mini celebration with everyone that stayed to cheer till the bitter end. Hugs, handshakes, whoops. It was amazing. Im not ashamed to say that thinking about it now brings tears to my eyes. Then we had to load cars and get home since we have been out there for almost 23hrs. Just typing that makes me do a ‘double-take’ to check whether I did not make a typo right there… The reality will probably kick in once we are rested and ‘decompressed’ a bit.”

In the course of an UNFORGETABLE 23 hrs we:

    • Cycled under the stars, in temperatures dropping below 4deg Celcius
    • Slowly watched the Southern Cross set over the western horizon
    • Saw the most beautiful sunrise
    • Made a bunch of new friends
    • Thankfully had a mild sunny day going up to 20deg Celcius. Thank goodness very little wind!
    • Experienced Support, Love, Friendship, Generousoty in a very intense way
    • Got to know the beautiful climb at Malanshoogte quite well
    • Saw an equally beautiful sunset.
    • Cycled under the stars some more, with a beautiful slither-of-a-moon
    • Saw the moon set, and out came the milky way to see us all the way to the end.

Attie Conradie and Cor Winckler cycled to raise awareness and funds for one of SAVE’s ongoing projects, the Elundini Building Project.

We are calling the event Everesting4Elundini. Elundini, located in the township of Dunoon is the only centre on the West Coast of Cape Town catering to children with physical and mental disabilities. Here, they receive care, meals, stimulation and physiotherapy to look after their varying needs on a daily basis.

Although the intentions of this school are wonderful, the facilities being used are in a serious state of disrepair and SAVE hopes to remedy this by building a new, properly constructed and designed school to meet the many needs of these deserving children.


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