Everest for August

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Grame (Ham) Kuys and Daryn (with one’r’) Goldsbrough

Graeme (Ham) Kuys and Daryn Goldsbrough completed their Everesting Fundraiser for Darryn August on Saturday the 14th of May on the Steenbras view point road in Gordons Bay and in doing so have raised almost half a million Rand.
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DarrynAugustTwo weeks ago, Darryn August was stabbed multiple times and then flung from a moving train on his way to Cape Town because he was trying to protect 3 ladies from being robbed.
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Darryn August was ‘rewarded’ for his efforts with a fractured spinal cord and punctured lungs. After the spinal cord surgery he was being transferred to a rehabilative hospital in Lentegeur where the long journey of possibly gaining use of his legs starts.
Darryn himself is an Awesome South African and once he has stabilised – we will going to visit him to do an interview on this awesome guy.

But today’s story is about Graeme Kuys and his friend, also named Daryn (with one “r”) Goldsbrough who decided to start a fundraiser for Mr August. Graeme and Darryn August studied together many years ago and have remained friends and when Graeme heard about the incident involving his friend, he decided to do an Everesting attempt.

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EVERESTING is riding your bicycle up and down a hill consecutively in one day with no sleep breaks until you have gained the equivalent elevation gain as Mount Everest which is 8848 metres above sea level.

They chose to ride the Steenbras view point road in Gordons Bay. One lap starting at the bottom, to the top and back to the start point is 7km long and has an elevation gain per lap of 245metres.

On Saturday the 14th of May, Patrick from Awesome South Africans joined them at 4 in the morning as they were preparing for their start at 04:30.

36 laps laps later and with a Garmin registered elevation gain of 9088 metres and at half past eleven that night – they completed this arduous task. It took them over 18 hours to complete the task. After 250 km of road cycling they celebrated their completion very humbly and quietly as they were exhausted.

They were joined through the day by various cyclists who cycled with them which was greatly appreciated – imagine cycling the same stretch 36 times in one day.

Link to Pics taken by Nicole through the day

As part of the support crew, time actually passed very quickly for us. There was such an awesome spirit on the mountain. We had visits from so many people and family of Darryn August. Clinton, his cousin, and myself together provided entertainment and once it got dark, I took upon my self to jump in to the road to stop the “Too Fast Too Furious” car racers that came winding up the road. With my reflective jacket on and orange strobe light, this in itself provided quite a few laughs as they thought I was a person of authority. One car actually stopped and started reversing away.

Special mention must go to Nicole – Graeme’s wife who was the team’s rock keeping them fed and watered. I still cant believe how many bananas they ate in one day.

All in all, it was fun day on the mountain (for us supporters at least) and we all wish Darryn August a speedy recovery. Darryn – you are our hero.

Their fundraiser campaign is still open:
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Grame (Ham)Kuys and Daryn (with one ’r’) Goldsbrough: You are both AWESOME SOUTH AFRICANS

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