Darryn August: Cape Town’s Hero

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DarrynAugustIn Awe, Humbled & Inspired – three emotions I experienced driving back home last night after visiting Darryn August at the Lentegeur Rehabilation Centre in Cape Town.

Allow me to introduce you to the story from the beginning. A little more than a month ago, Darryn was in train going to Somerset West.

He witnessed 3 women being robbed of their phones, tablets, etc by 2 males. He stood up, intervened and being a boxer in the past, knocked the first one out. The second guy grabbed Darryn around the throat and stabbed him immediately in the back (later he found out this stab actually penetrated his right lung).

Adrenalin was pumping so I did not feel any pain – I swung around and aimed a perfect punch on the top of his nose and knocked him out as well

At this point, 7 other males stood up and walked over to Darryn. Not only did the woman walk away now (I don’t blame them), but 6 other male passengers left for the other side leaving Darryn on his own to face these 7 characters armed with baseball bats, golf clubs and knives.

“I got beaten by these 7 guys – they stabbed me in the head – the baseball bat hits broke three of my ribs and punctured my other lung – they punched, kicked and really beat me up”

Darryn was then thrown out of the moving train through non-functioning open doors.

t7Darryn is now completing a three month rehabilitation course in Cape Town. He is diagnosed with a T7 Spinal Cord Injury.

He is still recovering from the other injuries as well, but as I write this, Darryn is wheel chair bound. I need to add at this point that after meeting him in person, I too, am more than confident that Darryn will walk again. He is motivated to this belief by not only his faith but in also knowing his body and his determination to win this battle.

The three month programme is built to teach wheelchair bound people independence.
The physiotherapy that Darryn undertakes every day is and I quote: “… my body doesn’t seem to agree with my mind …I’ve pushed myself so much during this week every muscle in my body is literally in pain …


The true rationale in me calling Darryn a hero is not about what happened above. Yes he stood up against 9 men to protect three women he had never met – but what he is doing since then is even more heroic:

  • Sister Klaasens said to me last night: “Whenever I walk in to the room, Darryn is motivating the others”. He is a model patient here.
  • In 14 days, he has already journaled 97 pages of stories of others in the centre and their stories before being wheelchair bound
  • On his first weekend pass from the centre, instead of going to relax at home – he is facilitating a work shop on economic development in Athlone. He is adamant to make Athlone a tourism destination and is working with communities to increase entrepreneurship opportunities within this area
  • When I asked him what I can bring him next time I visit – he simply asked for a lekker cup of coffee 🙂
  • He has turned down the offer to apply for a disability grant – instead of burdening the system more, he is intent on contributing to the system
  • He was and intends to still be a volleyball and football coach in the community
  • Darryn was always an activist for various NGO’s and NPO’s and this is not going to stop him. If anything, this incident is a catalyst to increase his work in these fields.

Darryn has a powerful message for all. One man can make a difference. I am going to predict the future here and say that the name: Darryn August will be known – not only locally but internationally. This man has a calling and will make a difference to many people’s lives.

Respecting the rules of the centre, I did not take any photos of Darryn yesterday afternoon. I will be doing a video interview in the future when he is released but until then – Darryn vasbyt – you are an Awesome South African.

I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through – both mentally and physically, but let it be known – you are impacting mine and other’s lives. We strive to live by the yardstick you have laid down. Respect my man – RESPECT




Everest for August (http://www.awesomesouthafricans.co.za/everest-for-august/) was an initiative run by a friend of Darryn – Graeme (Ham) Kuys and successfully raised R500 000 to cover hospital costs

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