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Fat Kid on a Bike is Rebooted and back at it!

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Week(s): 82-88 Starting: Cairo, Egypt. Ending: Sat 7th March 2015, Istanbul, Turkey. Km’s covered: 0km by bicycle. It’s incredible what happens when you allow yourself to follow your dreams   Hard to believe that an unplanned and extended break from the bike (and hence these diaries!), could be almost as life changing as the expedition itself, but […]


Recent Articles #2

Cape to Cairo – an 81 week adventure to remember. The Fat Kid Diaries.

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Quite simply, ‘phew, what an adventure!’.   Week(s): 1 – 81 Starting: Sun 30th June 2013, Cape Town stadium, South Africa. Ending: Sat 17th January 2015, Cairo, Egypt. Km’s covered: 33,500km – approx 28,500 by bicycle, the rest mostly criss-crossing the Med.   Leaving Cape Town on the 30th June 2013, I had grandiose visions of crossing […]


Happy xmas from the Fat Kid!

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It’s been a somewhat frustrating couple of weeks seemingly crisscrossing the Mediterranean in order to balance my goal of seeing as much of Africa as possible with that of staying relatively safe; but at the end of the day, as normal, things have a way of working themselves out. With the eastern Algeria door closing, […]


Thank you Africa, see you again soon.

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Post by Fat Kid On A Bike.


The Fat Kid Diaries: Week 68. High in the Atlas Mountains.

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Post by Fat Kid On A Bike.


The Fat Kid Diaries: Weeks 65-67. The Fat Kid has fallen in love…

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After a few weeks of radio silence, Ron has re-appeared in Morocco and it seems like he is stronger than ever. Keep em wheels rolling Ron !! Post by Fat Kid On A Bike.


Nigeria’s infamous traffic

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Post by Fat Kid On A Bike.


Ebola stricken Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea

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The disappointment of having to fly over the Ebola stricken Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, was quite quickly forgotten as the stretch from Guinea Bissau to Dakar here in Senegal has proven to be an absolute highlight of the entire expedition to date…the Casamance and Saloum wetlands of southern Senegal, as well as the entire […]


Put Mali on the bucket list!

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It was only 3 days, but much maligned Mali proved what so many people who’ve actually been and spent time there told me to expect, it’s a fascinating place, with amazing people, and unique in so many ways. Yes, there are parts of the country which are best avoided at the moment, but my goodness […]


Eleanor & Steve Pienaar views: 3394

Eleanor and Steve Pienaar (from Pietermaritzburg) are passionate about travel and running. They were the first South African couple to complete 7 marathons on 7 continents in 2016. On the 1st April they flew to the North Pole to run a marathon on the sea ice, at predicted temperatures of -40 degrees to complete their […]

Willie Richards views: 3255

#Africantails #Mendingmamre #WheresWillie On October 13, 2017 Willie Richards set out on an incredible +1700km journey, running and cycling from Blouberg NAM to Blouberg ZA. Awesome South Africans met up with him at Milnerton beach for a chat and understanding as what and why he did this. The goal was to raise not only funds, […]

Andrew Pattersen views: 3908

Andrew Pattersen – aka – Renaissance Guy has decided that for every day in 2018, he is going to climb Table Mountain . His project is called 365 UBUNTU CLIMBS. A humble and quiet man (yes I had to boost the volume on the video below), but what an awesome guy. Within seconds of meeting […]

Jurie Botha views: 5541

Jurie Botha is an endurance athlete and adventurer. With his next expedition, Cycling South Against Rape, he will attempt to become the first South African to cycle the length of the equator(40,030km), solo and unsupported, within 20 months. This ultra endurance expedition will start in May 2017 when he departs from Lima, Peru on his […]