Bonga Ngqobane from Khayelitsha is making a difference

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Name: Bonga Ngqobane
Act of Awe / Endurance: Cycled the Cape Epic and Munga (a 1000 km non stop MTB race from Bloem to Cape Town)
Cause: TAS Bonga.Org Cycling Academy-MTB

Jamie1 038_resizeBonga Ngqobane is a remarkable young man. He does not sit holding his hands open wondering who is going to give something to him. His hands face the other way and wonders too whom he can rather give.

12654607_10204123292321286_7339247918915208024_nI sensed this from his life story he shared with me at Lookout Hill in Khayelitsha. By the way, this is the highest point in Khayelitsha offering a 360 degree of the surrounding area. I highly recommend you take a drive there and visit this unique spot.

At the age of 14, he was playing soccer with friends when a group of cyclists rode past their game. He walked after them, asking everybody where the cyclists where. He was keen to try this sport.

An hour later he found them and told them he wanted to ride bicycle as well. They sent him home with a letter to get his mom’s permission to join the cycling ‘club’ and told him that before he can ride a bicycle, he needs to train and they started him on road running.

Within a few short months, a friend offered him his bicycle to use and with the ‘club’s’ assistance he entered a road race (just turned 15) and promptly finished in 5th position for his age group.

A raw talent was definitely existing here in Bonga. For the next three years, he trained constantly and moved up the rankings in cycling competitions.

Bonga_Cycling_Academy_LogoHe stopped cycling during his Matric year to focus on his education and was half way through the next year when he realised he was missing his passion – his sport – CYCLING.

He joined another cycling organisation for the next years and was cycling semi-professionally when he realised his further calling and that was to hand the baton of this passion over to other children (that could not afford bicycles or exposure to the sport he loves so much)

13938398_1083887341699295_2435211473445367712_nOn the 17th of October 2014, Bonga Ngqobane created the TAS Bonga.Org Cycling Academy-MTB to introduce and expand cycling in the townships and get the kids to ride.


Sport is a brilliant manner to give children direction, focus and discipline to advance themselves in not only their personal environment but surrounds as well.

During the same year, Bonga cycled the CAPE EPIC and finished in 98th place. He was becoming a legend to these kids and beacon of hope that children can follow their dreams and succeed.

BongaMunga1I first met Bonga last year whilst he was cycling the inaugural Munga MTB race from Bloemfontein to Cape Town. A 1000 km non stop race. Brutal, challenging and seemingly impossible.

By the way the winner of this race last year, John Ntuli crossed the line in 69 hours. Respect.

TAS Bonga.Org Cycling Academy-MTB has a club house in Makaza and 10 full time members. There are a further 70 members in the interschools cycling league organised by Bonga that consists of 7 schools in the area and reaches as far as Stellenbosch that gets together often to test their abilities against each other.

Bonga has also recently launched an entrepreneurial programme where he facilitates 35 learners on various excursions around Cape Town meeting various business owners and hosting workshops teaching these children the basics of becoming an entrepreneur.

Bonga is only 23 years old and look what he has achieved already. I want to vote for this man to be president. Imagine if he had access to resources, what more of a difference he could make.

So it is without unequivocal doubt that I stand on my box and tell you all:
Bonga Ngqobane is an Awesome South African


Follow him at:

The children of Khayelitsha will struggle to find a better role model than Bonga.

“My next mission is to put together a school sports summit as a national event for South African Schools and W.C Inter-Schools Cycling Series in the Helderberg Mountains class to Parden Power Road and Makhaza in Vision 2016”
Bonga Ngqobane (August 2016)”

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