Blake Dyason

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Blake Dyason has dedicated his health, vitality and mobility to help, inspire hope
and raise money for worthy causes.

“My daily goal is to leave every person I meet with a smile.
I believe we all have the power to change the world if we believe we can.”

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It was a challenge for me to describe Blake, but with some thought, THE BRIDGE came to mind.

The Networker would be too formal and The Connector sounds like something from a circuit board.
bridgeBlake is connected to both the corporate and social worlds and his strength (amongst many) is the pairing of these two worlds for benefit to others – hence my name for him: THE BRIDGE!

Blake is 28 years old and has a magnetic charisma about him on both telephone and in person. He drove through on a Sunday evening to come meet us here in Somerset West.

Blake loves cycling, rowing & water polo, but because of travel commitments for work, he found it difficult to participate in these team sports on a regular basis so he turned to running to keep his fitness regime intact.

Now I need to interject here – Blake seems like the kind of guy that jumps in first and then asks questions later. I got an inkling of this when he told us of his first half marathon in Knysna in 2010. Firstly, he had no idea how far half a marathon is (???) and because he was running for a cancer cause, he wore pink and decided a pink speedo would do.

He found out at 03:30 in the morning up in the Knysna forest, a pink speedo is actually too little.


10406519_10152636255818767_8540431102678916736_nSince this race, he has run in a Ninja turtle set up, OneZee’s and other weird costumes because he believes these races are not races but must be done to have fun and this was his way to make people smile. “These races are not a competition – it is your own personal challenge”

Fast forward to 2012, and note that the furthest distance Blake has run to date is 32 km (was meant to be 25 km run but he got lost) and he was invited to run a 160km unsupported charity event for Lettie*. It was on this run that Ron Rutland (Fat Kid on a Bike) joined as well.

It was the toughest thing he had ever done to date – and unfortunately had to pull out at the 120km mark due to torn tendons. But it was here that he had the epiphany that will live with him for the rest of his life.

Comparing a long distance run to somebody who has cancer (or any other dreaded infliction), some days are easier than others. Today I might be strong, but tomorrow over the same distance it will be tough as nails. Some days mentally you are ready to face the challenge and conquer it and other days it feels like a continuous uphill battle.

The difference however is that a cancer patient can NOT stop anytime like a runner can. If a runner is hurting that bad, he/she can call it and stop. A cancer patient cannot.

This epiphany caused him to dedicate his life to cancer and supporting cancer patients. He gets his strength from this understanding to go further and bite the bullet in solidarity for those who can’t and will not simply stop.

Chase, a 16 year old boy, was the next life changing chapter in Blake’s life. Chase was suffering from Leukemia and needed R250 000 for his next treatment. It was over this time that Blake was talking to Chase and his parents, that friend called and invited him to cycle from Cape Point’s Lighthouse to Cape Aguhllas’s light house – a distance of 250 km.

250 km – Chase needs R250 000: (light bulb switched on here…)

Blake pondered this and challenged his friend to do this distance as fund raiser for Chase, except not to cycle it but RUN IT IN one go!

And this is what they did – circumstances did not allow them to finish, but another seed was planted in Blake’s head to continue on his quest to support CANCER patients.

Blake has also participated in the Unogwaja challenge ( and was part of the support for Jenna Lowe (16 year old needing a double lung transplant)



Recently Blake started another initiative to clean up our trails. More and more people are running trails now-a-days and the impact is being felt. Besides the litter that is being left behind, people are writing graffiti on rocks and damaging the trails. Blake’s initiative “LOVE OUR TRAILS” organises volunteer days where as a group they go through various trails and return them to their original condition.


This initiative has already attracted the attention of the World Trail Network.

Two Interesting Facts:

  • Banana peels are poison to Protea’s
  • Orange peels take 2 years to biodegrade


10420033_10153009313295011_1156195407738453844_nIn summary, Blake is a remarkable person. He has decided to dedicate his life to serving people and nature. The exact plan of how is still to be worked out, but for now, he is going to carry on doing what he does to help where he can.


He still has a full time job, but uses his health and vitality for good purposes instead of spending the weekends sitting on the couch watching TV


BLAKE DYASON – YOU ARE AN AWESOME SOUTH AFRICAN and we can’t to wait to see what you do next and how this unfolds into a long term plan.

We support and congratulate you.



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