Anton Fouche is Walking 4 Rhinos & Rangers

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Anton Fouche

He is walking 1500km from Limpopo to Cape Town (with an 86 kg Fibreglass Rhino, ‘George’ in tow)




Walking 4 Rhinos and Rangers is a project to honour our rangers working selflessly in difficult and dangerous circumstances protecting our rhinos.


‘George’ has 1213 red dots on him. Each dot depicts a Rhino that was slaughtered in 2014, South Africa. Anton said he was in tears as he was putting these dots on. This situation is wrong and needs to be stopped.

“I do not know what the actual solution is to curb the killings, (everybody has their own theory on what to do), but I have been blessed with a healthy body and this is my way to raise awareness.”


Anton (& George) stops at schools on his walk to Cape Town and has found that the visual representation of the dots drives the truth home harder on how many Rhino’s are being slaughtered every year (and this number is increasing)

Wind and hills are the two worst enemies he says. On the wagon is ‘George’ that weighs 86 kg’s and with the kit that he carries (tent, food, water, solar chargers, etc) his wagon weighs 120 kg.
“I am now half way through my walk and have lost so much weight, it is getting harder and harder to tow .” Laughing he says maybe ‘George’ should go a diet.

Anton also said to me that he is overwhelmed by the support he is getting on the way. He did not expect the support he gets from strangers. People stop their car and congratulate him. Pose for photos and want to learn more.

Anton averages about 25 km a day and expects to arrive in Cape Town at the end of October. Awesome South Africans will most definitely be there at the finish line to welcome him to the mother city.

During our phone call, I could hear the wind blowing and cars driving by quite closely. Imagine driving down the road and seeing this large Rhino (on wheels) slowly following Anton.

We congratulate Anton and most definitely give him the title of being an AWESOME SOUTH AFRICAN.

His project is getting people to stop in their tracks – Well done Anton – you have done more than the average in raising awareness.


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