Angelo Wilkie-Page: Expedition 720 Degrees

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Expedition 720 Degrees

To be the first person to circumnavigate the globe from East to West and Pole to Pole, crossing all lines of latitude and longitude, using only human power, i.e. no motors, no sails, no solar.



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This journey will take a period of 8 years, and will be a first of its kind – the holy grail of human powered circumnavigation. Not only will this be the ultimate test of human endurance and will-power; Expedition 720⁰ will use this journey as a platform for building awareness and raising funds for some of South Africa’s most impoverished communities.

The Route is broken up into two parts, the first part is the traditional East to West circumnavigation and the second part, the ultimate challenge: the Pole to Pole circumnavigation. Each part will be broken up into 4 separate legs. Angelo will be crossing all lines of longitude and latitude, 4 Antipodal points and cross the equator at 4 separate points, as specified by the The Guinness World Records and Explorers Web regulations. This expedition will be an attempt to break 4 of the world records.

Records Attempts:

  • To break the current world record for East to West Human Powered Circumnavigation, set by Erden Eruc over 5 years.
  • To be the first to complete a Pole to Pole circumnavigation, crossing 4 antipodal points and 4 Equator crossings.
  • Be the first person to complete both East to West and Pole-to-Pole circumnavigations all under human power.
  • Most distance covered under a human powered expedition

A Few Facts

  • Expedition 720° will take place on 7 continents
  • Across more than 48 countries
  • A total distance of around 115 000 kilometres
  • Row and paddle 4 oceans and 9 Seas
  • Cross 6 deserts including 5 of the worlds biggest deserts

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