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Taking a look at people around the world, we are proud to be South African. We have tenacity, we are tough, we love to laugh (at ourselves), in short, we are amazing. But there a few of us that stand above the crowd, not only locally, but internationally.

Each AWE-SA (Awesome South African) has a profile page here, but running live on our site and Facebook page is an up to date news feed of their latest challenges, achievements, exploits and happenings.

If you are a proud South African and wish to follow them – click here to go to our Facebook Page.

Awesome South Africans was created to be a platform to publically acknowledge, highlight and celebrate the awesome things some South Africans are doing. It is about positivity, conquering adversity (self imposed or other), encouraging patriotism and a combination of inspirational stories proving that anybody can achieve anything if they really want too (if they set their mind to it).

Broadcasted on our Website, Social Media Platforms, Podcasts, Radio Talks, Motivational Talks, School visits & (upcoming) Road Show we follow the following protocols:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE publically who the Awesome’s are
  • EDUCATE the public on what the Awesome’s are doing (and why)
  • INSPIRE the public to aspire to their level of motivation
  • ORGANISE events, road-show’s, project launches and finish line parties for all Awesome’s
  • UPDATE the public on the latest news and happenings as they occur

Awesome South Africans is a service related movement, dedicated to serving the profiles.
Our aim is assist, support, help and promote them and the cause they represent.


Posting stories of the Awesome’s and their exploits. I have made a conscious effort to not simply copy paste information. I have a personal relationship with every profile on the project and try writing my own content where possible. Photographs with profiles holding the AwesomeSouthAfricans flag themselves is very important to prove this fact.
Facebook / Twitter / Instagram:
I find more people are following on social media than on the website self so my concentration of work is higher on these platforms.

  • New profiles or updates from existing exploits
  • Embedded radio clips of interviews I have performed with the profiles
  • Awesome of the Year 2015 competition
  • Profiles posing with AwesomeSouthAfricans branding
  • Twitter for short one liners and instant updates

Radio Talks:
Currently I have a weekly slot on Radio Helderberg introducing a new profile per week. Skype, telephone and in person interviews either live or pre-recorded.
I also have appearances on Cliff Central and Cape Talk

Motivational Talks / School Talks:
These two tie in with each other in the sense that firstly it is a platform to a captive market to promote and market the concept of AwesomeSouthAfricans and harvest further followers.
Secondly, it provides me an opportunity to share the learning’s of inspiration I have received from all these profiles with both corporate, organisations and youth in schools.

(upcoming) Road Show:
A journey around South Africa’s circumference, encompassing everything that is South African and sharing the story that you will #LoveYourSouthAfrica #AwesomeSouthAfricans
Malls, Schools, Events, Festivals, Shows, etc with Awesome profiles (either in person or big screen via Skype from overseas).
Includes: Display, Presentation/Show, Photo Wall (for Social Media albums), Primary School Drawing Initiativeand story reporting per location.

Props already in possession for this are: Roller board with giant world map displaying where all the Awesome South Africans are and what they doing, Branded wall partitions with Awesome profile’s photos and story, Flags, Big Screen TV, Projector, PA System, 12V Invertor system for loadshedding or remote locations)

Nominate your Awesome South African here!!

Nominations will be judged on various factors and number of nominations received per person / organisation


Causes associated with AwesomeSouthAfricans by default via the profiles or legacy:

  • Operation Smile
  • Volunteer Wildfire Services
  • Word4Word reading Therapy
  • No Food for Lazy Man
  • Mercy Ships
  • Shark Spotters
  • Heifer International
  • Explore4Knowledge
  • GreenPop

Long Term Vision

  • Online presence as per current – Website / Facebook / Instgram / Twitter / Podcasts
  • National radio weekly programme
  • National weekly TV show
  • Annual Road Show – with dynamic displays
  • Meet & Greet events – Meet your favourite profile and raise funds for their associated cause
  • Clothing Range – AwesomeSouthAfricans brand
  • Annual Awards Ceremony
  • Talent Seek: Xtreme-Xradical-Xawesome – joins on annual road show
  • Coveted AwesomeSouthAfricans trophy – (ie: branded metal mini vuvuzela J)
  • Infrastructure & Resources to host kickass events, finish line parties & new project launches.
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