24hour SUP World Record 2nd attempt

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The 24hour World Open Ocean Record 2nd Attempt is on AMBER STATUS for a possible Green Light for Monday/ Tuesday start.

In his second attempt, on Monday the 16th/ Tues the 17th of February 2015, Chris plans to break the current 24 hour record of 157 km (97 miles) and try and achieve breaking the mythical 100 mile mark in 24 hours straight. Through the night and then through the following day, to try and achieve a target of 170km (105 miles) in 24 hours, with the help of the full moon to light his way.

  • Start time: 7:45pm.
  • End time: The same time the following day, 7:45pm.
  • Start point: Just off Outer Kom, Slangkop Lighthouse, Kommetjie,, South Africa
  • Estimated finish point: Between Langebaan and Patternoster- West Coast, South Africa
  • Objective: Chris Bertish objective of:170km/24h Current WR-153km
  • Moon phase this attempt, will be no existent- so this time round I will be paddling blind, just by feel and not by sight, as it will be pitch black, from 9pm-5am (8hours.)

In association with Cipla and to raise money and awareness for Miles for Smiles, in association with Operation Smile, for which Chris is an Ambassador.(Helping children born with cleft palates/lips get surgery to put a smile back on there face and change there lives forever).

Many thanks to Chris’s Sponsors for there help, Cipla, Island Tribe, Go Pro, Suunto, SIC, Gul, Power Traveller and Mophie.

Updates will be sent via Twitter every 2 hours, via satellite coms and the tracker which he carries on him for the full record attempt.

Published on Jan 18, 2015

The first attempt by South African, Waterman, Big Wave Surfer & Inspirational Speaker to try and break the mythical 100Mile mark within 24hours, ended at 12:30 at night, in wild and dangerous conditions, 35km out to sea, with a dangerous 3.5m sea, and 30knt winds..which was very different to what was forecast. Him and his team have learnt a great deal and now are looking at attempting it again within the next three weeks, wiser and better prepared. When in life you fall, get up and try, try and try again, until you succeed. www.chrisbertish.com

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