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Elna – Melissa – Anika are 3 Awesome South Africans

Elna – Melissa – Anika are 3 Awesome South Africans

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Elna Dürr | Melissa Viljoen | Anika Pretorius Elna Dürr has only 5% percentage extreme tunnel vision and with her guide runner, Melissa Viljoen they are athletes in the T12 100m and 200m division with their coach Anika Pretorius (who only has 10% vision herself) They call themselves the 3 Blind Mice and yes they […]


Andrew Pattersen views: 453

Andrew Pattersen – aka – Renaissance Guy has decided that for every day in 2018, he is going to climb Table Mountain . His project is called 365 UBUNTU CLIMBS. A humble and quiet man (yes I had to boost the volume on the video below), but what an awesome guy. Within seconds of meeting […]

Jurie Botha views: 1626

Jurie Botha is an endurance athlete and adventurer. With his next expedition, Cycling South Against Rape, he will attempt to become the first South African to cycle the length of the equator(40,030km), solo and unsupported, within 20 months. This ultra endurance expedition will start in May 2017 when he departs from Lima, Peru on his […]

Stuart Connacher talks about Chris Bertish views: 770

  Awesome South Africans spoke to Stuart Connacher this morning, hours before Chris Bertish’s eminent arrival in Antigua. #theSUPcrossing Stuart shares his experiences after rowing the Atlantic three times and his communications with Chris during his Talisker Transatlantic crossing earlier this year with Facing It. This incredible chat with Stuart gives us first hand insight […]

3-2-1: Six South Africans on the Atlantic views: 1925

It seems to be the season for ocean crossings by South Africans. In September this year, Riaan Manser and his wife Vasti completed their second crossing by row boat celebrating their honeymoon by rowing to Hawaii. But let’s fast forward to the present: THREE – 3 Stuart Connacher, Charl Gale and Wayne Johnson have entered […]