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Recent Articles #1

Flashback – European Winter

Filed in De Bruyn Joubert by on August 31, 2014 • views: 1307

Things were about to get tougher and I think both Ulrich and I knew it, but Europe had much more in stall for us than we thought when arriving in Dublin. Europe started with repairs as I decided to replace both wheels on my bicycle, as I broke 23 spokes in just 4500km. We spend […]


Recent Articles #2

Put Mali on the bucket list!

Filed in Ron Rutland by on August 3, 2014 • views: 852

It was only 3 days, but much maligned Mali proved what so many people who’ve actually been and spent time there told me to expect, it’s a fascinating place, with amazing people, and unique in so many ways. Yes, there are parts of the country which are best avoided at the moment, but my goodness […]


Jurie Botha views: 1424

Jurie Botha is an endurance athlete and adventurer. With his next expedition, Cycling South Against Rape, he will attempt to become the first South African to cycle the length of the equator(40,030km), solo and unsupported, within 20 months. This ultra endurance expedition will start in May 2017 when he departs from Lima, Peru on his […]

Stuart Connacher talks about Chris Bertish views: 644

  Awesome South Africans spoke to Stuart Connacher this morning, hours before Chris Bertish’s eminent arrival in Antigua. #theSUPcrossing Stuart shares his experiences after rowing the Atlantic three times and his communications with Chris during his Talisker Transatlantic crossing earlier this year with Facing It. This incredible chat with Stuart gives us first hand insight […]

3-2-1: Six South Africans on the Atlantic views: 1793

It seems to be the season for ocean crossings by South Africans. In September this year, Riaan Manser and his wife Vasti completed their second crossing by row boat celebrating their honeymoon by rowing to Hawaii. But let’s fast forward to the present: THREE – 3 Stuart Connacher, Charl Gale and Wayne Johnson have entered […]

Annual Charity Hat Walk with Paul Steyn views: 900

Saturday the 26th, Paul Steyn will walking in the 5km Annual Charity Hat Walk hosted by Balwin Properties and we invite you, resident of Helderberg and further afield to come join in the fun at Paardevlei. AwesomeSouthAfricans and will be there supporting Paul and providing the Public Address and Music in our mobile sound […]